Context Matters to Demonstrate Flagship Product at BIO Conference

Reimbursement Risk Tracker Offers Unlimited Capacity to Address Strategic Questions of Reimbursement and R&D

NEW YORK, April 18, 2013 -- Context Matters announces that it will be an exhibitor at the BIO Conference, where it will be demonstrating its Reimbursement Risk Tracker™, a multi-dimensional data tool that provides a comprehensive picture of the reimbursement environment. The Reimbursement Risk Tracker allows the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to follow trends and gain strategic insight for multiple strategic applications. The product is an intuitive web-based data resource that highlights a variety of contexts, including clinical development, drug reimbursement, regulatory considerations and pricing. Context Matters can be found at Booth #3076 in the exhibition hall at the McCormick Center in Chicago.

"What's unique about our product is that it has an unlimited capacity to answer strategic questions, because it allows users to select whatever context is important to them," said Yin Ho, MD, MBA, founder and CEO of Context Matters. "The Reimbursement Risk Tracker goes so far beyond just R&D and strategic planning because it encompasses so many areas, from clinical development to reimbursement, regulatory, pricing and intellectual property, all in a very user friendly and easily accessible application that allows for easy navigation and comparison."

The Reimbursement Risk Tracker (RRT) consists of a series of user-navigated views. One view is a multi-dimensional search engine that allows users to filter and navigate through more than 1,300 reimbursement agency reviews for pharmaceutical products. It allows users to search by disease condition, geography, and time. Another view allows the user to make side-by-side comparisons of HTA reviews including access to the full depth of information, including patient-reported outcomes. Across the application, RRT provides users with other relevant disease condition information including global prevalence data, reimbursement decisions and methodologies, and an overview of disease conditions.

"Our customers have indicated that they use the application as a quick start whenever they begin working on a new disease condition. They also use it to easily conduct literature searches, including direct access to the source documents to find nuanced, disease-specific information," said Tom Dever, director of client relations for Context Matters. "We collaborate very closely with our customers so that we can ensure that our products not only provide the most comprehensive data-based information available, but also meet the specific needs of our customers in an intuitive and accessible way."

Context Matters, Inc. is the next generation of healthcare data analytics, focusing on risk assessment metrics for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. Its data-driven, evidence-based Reimbursement Risk Tracker™ helps the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries put drug development into context, through a carefully constructed data analytics tool that combines intelligently culled, curated data and metrics into the context of clinical, reimbursement, regulatory and economic factors. Context Matters' platform and approach result in more informed decision-making by allowing users to access and understand complex data that has never before been quantified or aggregated in a tailored, needs-based approach.