Market Access Platform (MAP)

The right data at the right time to make the right drug pricing and reimbursement decision.

The Context Matters Market Access Platform (MAP) delivers the end-to-end solution to inform global market access strategy. Used across pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations by Research & Development, HEOR, market access, pricing, brand, and other collaborating teams, the MAP delivers a unified approach to apply evidence-driven decision making from early pipeline to product introduction and franchise expansion.

The standard MAP configuration provides all users with access to a broad view across 53 different disease conditions and the leading global health technology assessment (HTA) and regulatory agencies. A customizable solution, customers can add data packages for disease conditions, agencies, special groupings of drugs, historical data, or even focus on a specific group of diseases.  


The MAP provides an expansive view of the reimbursement and regulatory landscape needed to rapidly respond to market dynamics.

  • Monitor the industry and competitor activity
  • Detect potential trends and market opportunities
  • Identify key drivers in HTA decisions
  • Collaborate and communicate from a shared context facilitated by in-system tools and user-support programs

Capability Modules

Optional capability modules enable users to drill deeper into specific vertical areas—defined by disease condition or therapeutic area—with expanded data and integrated analytic tools for in-depth analysis of reimbursement, clinical, and regulatory activities.

Clinical Strategy Module

Inform clinical trials, identify comparators, and run analysis to uncover what agencies value—clinically based intelligence to support a positive reimbursement decision. 

Economic Strategy Module

Examine how models have succeeded and failed, identify economic comparators considered acceptable, review the time horizon, examine ICER/QALY values, evaluate implied thresholds, and gain insights on cost-effectiveness.

Regulatory Strategy

Drill deep with a focus on regulatory specific decisions or to analyze across regulatory and HTA decisions to create an optimal strategic approach for approval and positive reimbursement decisions. 

NEW! PriceCurrents

Pricing Strategy Module & Tool

PriceCurrents integrates reimbursement and regulatory events with pricing data from PharmOnline International (POLI) from IHS Markit. This dynamic visualization tools enables users to rapidly identify and explore the associations between events to inform pharmaceutical pricing decisions. Available as an integrated capability module for the Market Access Platform, PriceCurrents provides a seamless ability to explore the associations between price changes with regulatory and reimbursement events linking back to clinical trials.

Search & Compare


Agency, Disease Condition, Drug, and Company Snapshots make it easy to quickly get a preview of all of the information available for an entity.

Compute & Visualize


Aggregations, groupings, and measures that are so easy, it doesn’t even feel like math.

Communicate & Collaborate


Sharing tools, custom views, and tailored alerts encourage communication and easy collaboration.

We had five full-time employees and outside consultants doing what we can now do with Context Matters.”
— Pharmaceutical Customer

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