Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Context Matters?        

Context Matters, founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York City, is a health economics data and technology company committed to helping life science organizations gain market access with optimally valued therapies.  

What does Context Matters do?    

Context Matters uses technology and advanced analytics to modernize and improve the process of valuing drug therapies; empowering life science organizations to achieve ideal reimbursements for their innovations. 

What is Context Matters' solution?

Our solution is a sophisticated data model that takes a holistic approach to integrating drug development and market data into a Web-based platform. It can help you answer the most critical questions about pricing your drug in a competitive marketplace and ensuring that your drug is accessible to the populations who need it in a constrained, market access environment.

Our easy-to-use interface enables you to spontaneously and interactively aggregate, visualize, and comprehend the kinds of data-derived insights that you most need, for which companies traditionally relied on consultants. The result is that you can rapidly make better strategic decisions about market access on your own. 

However, should you need data scientists to complement your in-house team for those more involved strategic questions, we also offer analytics professional services. 

Our solution is available 24/7, 365 days/year via the Internet using your preferred browser and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with any computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. There is nothing to download. 

How can Context Matters help my organization?    

Whether our customer needs to find a reimbursement analogue to their product or a high-level competitive trend analysis, or is interested in determining which endpoints matter in a clinical trial design, our sophisticated data model addresses all of these levels of interest with a few simple clicks in our application.

Customers have used our solution to:

  • Track opportunities and challenges for drugs across major markets.
  • Track and collect competitive intelligence in the portfolios of other pharma companies.
  • Gain greater insights into their own portfolio within a therapeutic area or within the overall company.
  • Improve their value proposition for gaining a positive health technology assessment decision.
  • Assure more realistic planning for maximum market access and profitability of a drug.
  • Improve the odds of success with better clinical trial design.
  • Enhance the success of regulatory approval and achieve timeline milestones.

In addition, our solution facilitates company-wide customer communication with features that enable users to share analysis and collaborate across departments or affiliates. We also provide a rich, online, reference library that details the background on our tracked health technology assessment agencies. 

Who benefits from using Context Matters?    

The breadth and depth of our drug-development and market data offers significant insights for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and a wide range of functions and organizations including:

  • Health Economics Outcomes Research Groups
  • Market Access Teams
  • HTA Strategy Teams
  • Pricing and Reimbursement 
  • R&D Commercial Planning
  • Policy and Public Affairs
  • Licensing and Business Development
  • Medical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Pharmaceutical Policy Organizations
  • Payers

What data is integrated into the Context Matters data model? 

With over two million points of data captured in our platform, Context Matters has the most extensive, online repository of clinical development, regulatory, and reimbursement data. Here is a small sample of the capabilities that are available through the integration of the data that is collected, standardized, and compared in our data model:


  • Clinical assessments: comparators used, outcomes evaluated, patient-reported outcomes (PRO), evidence sources, and more
  • Economic assessments: economic model parameters, comparators used, utility estimates, time horizon, quality-adjusted life years (QALY) , incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICER), and risk-sharing agreements
  • Unique agency considerations: Germany’s (G-BA) additional benefit, France’s (HAS) ASMR scores
  • Rationales for decisions


  • Indications history
  • Cycle times 
  • Limitations


  • Pivotal trial comparators, designs, and populations
  • Primary and secondary outcomes for each trial
  • Changes in endpoint values over time (from regulatory to reimbursement)

Furthermore, the combination and integration of these different domains of data also render a comprehensive evidence-based view of any drug at any point in time across the multiple contexts of geography, competition, and new entrants. This is a unique view that is not available anywhere else.

How frequently is Context Matters data updated?

We are constantly updating the information in our application. Every night, our technology automatically reviews health technology assessments to update our repository. 

Does Context Matters offer translation services?   

We provide source documents in native languages and English translations.

Does Context Matters provide analytical services?    

Yes, services vary in scope. Analyses can range from a simple trend analysis to a complex, multivariate analysis. We work closely with customers to understand the question they are attempting to answer and develop a project scope and timeline. We then use our data to strategically answer the question. The analysis and results go through an extensive quality control process to confirm the conclusions and we use graphic designers to ensure that the data is delivered in the most meaningful way.

Does Context Matters have an Application Program Interface (API)?  

Yes. The Context Matters data model is designed to integrate a wide range of data sources, including mission critical R&D and commercialization data. Our API makes that integration possible and is an easy way to marry your data with our model, in service of your organization’s biggest questions. Please get in touch to learn more.


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