We’re glad to know that you are ready to make a big career move. Let us tell you why it should be to Context Matters.


Who we are and what we do.

Our company was founded by a physician with a business point of view and a love for what technology and data (read that LOTS of data) could do to transform how biopharmaceutical companies get their drugs to market faster while being optimally (and we would also say appropriately) compensated.

An interactive, Web-based application accessible from anywhere in the world and from any device makes using all this interesting data easy.

What market access means for a new drug.

Countries around the world have to approve a drug before it can be marketed to physicians and prescribed to patients within its borders. It used to be that just safety and efficacy of the new drug were the criteria for acceptance. Now, payers are weighing in on costs, too.

That’s what we mean by health economics.

Why market access matters and to whom.

Market access matters because new therapies that can change people's lives should be offered to everyone as quickly as possible. People who innovate, like biopharmaceutical companies, should be compensated for the value they bring so that they have the resources to innovate again.

Where you fit in.

If your passion is solving real world problems with data and technology. If you: are curious, creative and enjoy being at the forefront; believe complex problems are best understood and solved as a result of bringing diverse points of view together; are willing to work hard and don’t mind a little ambiguity while our business grows; have a background in applied epidemiology, public health, web technologies, user interface design, product, sales and marketing; or just think data can tell a story, we would be delighted to hear from you.  

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Current Openings

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