Predictors of a Positive Cancer Drug Fund Decision

Has the Importance of OS and PFS Changed Now that the CDF Evaluates Drug Costs?

Since 2011, the United Kingdom has set aside £200 million per year through the Cancer Drug Fund (CDF) to pay for oncology treatments not reviewed or approved by NICE.

The CDF reviews pivotal trial data and scores drugs on disease-free/progression-free survival (PFS), overall survival (OS), quality of life (QoL), safety, unmet need, and strength of evidence. The score determines if the drug will be included on the CDF priority list.

Due to the rising costs of cancer treatment and overspending in the CDF budget, the CDF added cost as a parameter in November 2014. This necessitated a re-review of all drugs on the priority list and prompted stakeholders to question whether cost would become the most influential parameter in the CDF decision- making process. This analysis attempts to determine if the importance of OS and PFS has diminished now that cost has been added to the evaluation. As manufacturers develop novel life-saving therapies, is cost more important than OS and PFS in the CDF evaluation of drugs?

See our analysis and conclusions in the full research brief.


Original research presented at ISPOR 2015 in Philadelphia.

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