Product Updates: Comparator Trends, Outcomes by Study and More!

The product team at Context Matters is always working on ways to improve our customers’ subscriptions. This year alone we’ve published new data from over 2,000 HTA reviews and regulatory labels and deployed over 130 updates to our application and data model. Today, I’d like to highlight some of the capabilities our customers can now use and provide a preview of what we’re working on this spring.

Comparator Trends

Behind the scenes, our data team has been hard at work structuring the relationships between HTA reviews and the comparators manufacturers and agencies cite. Now that that work is done, we’re proud to be able to offer a number of features to help the industry understand how comparator selection affects decisions.

You can see the comparators by Disease Condition, Agency, Drug or Company via the snapshot charts. In search, select the “Clinical comparators used” search filter to see all of the reviews that used a given drug as a comparator.

G-BA Target Populations

Increasingly, we’re seeing Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Agencies use target populations that focus on a subset of the indication. This can significantly affect the number of people who will have access to a drug and can change the value of a treatment significantly. In Germany, the Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss (G-BA) provides target population information to document how they’ve narrowed the market size. You can find this information in the Country Specific Ratings group on the Decision tab of a review details or comparison view.

NICE Evaluators

The UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) uses an independent committee of experts including clinicians, patients, caregivers, and health economists to make their evaluations. Seeing who provided an evaluation is critical to understanding the decision making process, and now that information is easy to find and compare for any NICE review.

NICE-specified ICERs

Creating a credible model for the UK requires understanding what NICE considers to be valid incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICERs). The Context Matter’s Data team has extracted the most plausible NICE-specified ICERs from their reviews and this information is now available on the Cost Effectiveness tab for any NICE review or comparison.


We’ve also added a number of new options to help make it easier to see the sweep of trends across our data model. Drug and Disease Condition Snapshot pages now default to an Activity Map, letting your team immediately see the global landscape and how markets value drugs differently. We’ve also added a number of enhanced Bar charts to let you make quick comparisons, including Bar Cluster Charts, which show bars grouped horizontally, and Bar Percentage Charts, which normalize data to a 100% scale, allowing you to compare proportionally. All of our charts are shareable, downloadable and ready for PowerPoint!

Searching by Outcome & Outcomes by Study

We’ve begun publishing new study outcomes data allowing you to quickly identify the most influential studies and endpoints cited by agencies in HTAs, so you can see how different agencies have interpreted the same study. Over the next three months we’ll be publishing this information across all of our disease conditions.

To search for an Outcome, use the search filter on the left hand side of the search page. This will return reviews that have cited that Outcome. To see the Outcomes by Study in a review, open the review details or a comparison screen and select the Outcomes Beta tab at the top.

This data lays the groundwork for a number of our most requested insights. Soon, we’ll be able to roll out a number of new features that allow you to see how clinical data affects decision-making. In the meantime, if you’ve got a specific project in mind, please get in touch!

What’s next? New ways to value your portfolio

We’ve got a lot planned for this spring. We’re working on a number of new visualizations that will make it easy for our customers to value their portfolios. Stay tuned!