Picking Winners: Data Mining for Drug Discovery - CM Featured in Fierce Biotech

Fierce Biotech recently featured Context Matters in an e-book "Picking Winners: Data Mining for Drug Discovery". Our founder and CEO Yin Ho discusses how biotech and pharma companies are starting to understand the importance of reimbursement data and the insights that can be learned from following these patterns early in the drug development process.

In the interview, she was quoted as saying “They’re utilizing the data to reduce reimbursement uncertainty. But some companies have expressed interest in bringing this into clinical-trial design, which conceptually makes sense. If you’re going to design a trial to meet FDA criteria, why not at the same time ensure those are the same criteria you would need to break into [worldwide] markets?”

She also discussed how we are working with a customer to put the data elements for a predictive model together, a long time goal of ours with exciting possibilities.

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