Global Release of Our Flagship Product - Reimbursement Risk Tracker

The Reimbursement Risk Tracker enables Context Matters clients to drill down into a reimbursement context to understand restrictions on reimbursement, clinical and economic outcome thresholds and the disease prevalence and indications for 35 disease conditions. The product covers more than 500 complex variables across more than 100 global sources of data, delivering, directly to users, standard reports, customized analysis, the ability to identify favorites and a completely scalable and flexible tool that allow users to relate and compare data sets – including data on orphan indications – that may have not been compared previously, all in a controlled and user-friendly product. "Our Reimbursement Risk Tracker provides our customers with first-hand access to a sophisticated, customizable and constantly updated database system to help answer their most complex strategic questions in a more comprehensive way than has ever been seen before," said Yin Ho, MD, MBA, CEO of Context Matters. "Our platform culls more data sources, and provides better insights that will help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies more effectively compete in a market where the ultimate profitable goal is reimbursement."

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