The Challenge for BioPharma

Gaining market access for new drug therapies is a fast-moving target. Comparative health economics is being given increasingly equal consideration to safety and efficacy when new therapies are evaluated for market access. Global competition and the uniqueness of individual government priorities and local populations magnify and exacerbate the challenge. The traditional approach of hiring consultants to compile agency reports is not keeping pace with the urgency to tell your drug’s value story.

Context Matters provides a unique, fact-based view of a landscape that has historically been the domain of boutique consultancies and expert opinions. Rather than relying on opinions which may contain bias, we now have actual facts to inform our perspective. This is a tremendous help in our decision making.”
— Country Manager, Biotechnology Company

Why Context Matters

Quality data, standardization, and integration across multiple, disparate domains of data.

Context Matters modernizes and improves the process of valuing drug therapies, empowering life science organizations to achieve optimal reimbursement for their innovation. Our deep roots in life science, public health, data science, and technology allow us to bridge the traditionally separate worlds of drug development and market access. Context Matters’ sophisticated data model connects those points of view and, integrated with state-of-the-art technology, is the new blueprint for reimbursement.