Advisory Board


J.D. Kleinke

Medical economist, author, political advisor, and health IT entrepreneur, including HealthGrades and HCIA/Solucient (now Truven Health). Resident Scholar of the American Enterprise Institute and member of the Editorial Board of Health Affairs. Frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal,
The Huffington Post, and author of three books on the economic, politics, and culture of the U.S. health system.


Peter Pitts

President, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, Chief Regulatory Officer, Adherent Health Strategies, Executive Partner, Your Encore, and former FDA Associate Commissioner. Serves on the Board of Directors for Bioethics International, Associate Editor, Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (official DIA journal), and Advisory Boards of the Galien Foundation, Food and Drug Policy Forum, Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, The Patient Magazine, and Washington Drug Letter, among others. Published in New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Health Affairs, Time Magazine, The Boston Globe, Nature Biotechnology, The Journal of Life Sciences, the BBC World Service, Fox News, The Economist, and many others.